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105, 2019

Interactive Kiosk

May 1st, 2019|Interactive Kiosk|

Imagine a group of travelers walking up to an image rich 50 inch touch screen with all the local dining options shown on a map with details about each place, phone number to call, website they can click on, etc. What’s better is they can add on to the dinner spot and plan out their entire itinerary.

104, 2019

Grid Menu Home Screen

April 1st, 2019|Mobile Apps|

Gone are the days of conventional tree structure navigation; endlessly drilling down through lists of categories until you eventually find what you were looking for, only to have to navigate back through the same amount of clicks to return to the main menu... so frustrating!

102, 2019

60 Minutes Data Syncs

February 1st, 2019|Content Syncing|

In today's connected world, people expect the latest and greatest information at their finger tips with a few quick clicks.  And with the only constant being change, destination marketers have a tall task to keep their attractions, lodging, dining, and events up to date for their data hungry audience.

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