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How many times has a travel group in your hotel or visitor center been looking for a place to take their group to eat? Maybe they also want to check out a nearby happy hour on their way, and stroll through a park on their way back home. Without drawing this out for them, it’s near impossible to take them through all their options, and no way to know whether there is a picky eater in the group who will change the destination halfway. Good news – Visit Widget has a fix for this.

Imagine this same group walking up to an image rich 50 inch touch screen with all the local dining options shown on a map with details about each place, phone number to call, website they can click on, etc. What’s better is they can add on to the dinner spot and plan out their entire itinerary – from their starting point to the bar, on to the restaurant, to the park and back home.  They can drag and drop the order, change out the stops and look for other attractions while they’re in the area. Once everyone agrees what’s next, the kiosk allows them to share the itinerary to everyone’s smart phone so they can take it with them and stay routed on the go. All without logging in or entering any personal information. Their plan is just a click away.

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Voila! Happy visitors. Don’t worry though – the kiosk stays ready to help the next group. After a period of inactivity and a countdown, it resets to help the next visitors in line make the best out of their stay. Oh, and don’t worry about making the rounds to make content updates on your local kiosks. They utilize the Visit Widget Sync Engine and run each hour to pull in the latest content updates being made on your website.

So far, the kiosk has been implemented on:

  • iPad Pro – 12.9 inch
  • 24″ Dell Inspiron Touch Screen
  • Other touch screen devices with browser support or Android OS
Visitor using Visit Widget Interactive Kiosk

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