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In today’s connected world, people expect the latest and greatest information at their finger tips with a few quick clicks.  And with the only constant being change, destination marketers have a tall task to keep their attractions, lodging, dining, and events up to date for their data hungry audience.

From the days of our first white-boarding session, we’ve always placed immense priority on integrating our tools with clients’ existing data sources.  Whether it’s an open source website platform, a proprietary CRM/CMS, or a fully custom solution, we’ve always found a way to deliver the industry’s most powerful integration so that our client apps and interactive widget stay synchronized with the latest content.   With Visit Widget, there’s no need for monotonous duplicate entry.

Now we are taking it a step further, based on a few client requests.  We are happy to announce that the Visit Widget Data-Sync Engine runs every 60 minutes to pull in updates from client data sources; a 300% increase in frequency and velocity of updates from our previous sync intervals.  With more frequent sync processes come additional server costs, but we believe a dynamic and fresh user experience is of paramount importance, so the additional costs will absorbed internally.

All imported client data & updates are still maintained within the Visit Widget database and then served to end users of the mobile apps and widget via our highly scalable and redundant infrastructure; thereby eliminating unnecessary load on clients’ servers.

For more information, please contact your account manager or send feedback to feedback@visitwidget.com.

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